SUPER BOWL SUNDAY FACTS Differentiated Leveled Close Reading Informational Text

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Kansas City Chiefs vs The Green Bay Packers in the first Super Bowl in this
Super Bowl Unit.
Close Reading Unit with LEVELED Passages! Includes a Basic Reader Leveled passage for struggling students. Pick whatever level or have your students chose the reading level they want.
Activities include:
-Main Idea practice
-Graphic Organizers
-ELA Aligned Text Based Question sheets
-3 pages of separate Multiple Choice
-Fact & Opinion Writing
-Picture and Caption Writing
-Sequential Writing
-Creative Writing Pages
-Point of View
-Super Bowl Game HW checklist
-Answer Keys
-Common Core listed and Aligned
& More
Common Core Standards are listed in the answer key and next to each question.
This will help you to be sure which standards are addressed.
Second Grade Common Standards Addressed
RI.2.1, RI.2.2, RI.2.3, RI.2.4, RI.2.5, RI.2.6, RI.2.7, RI.2.8, RI.2.9,
Third Grade Common Standards Addressed
RI.3.1, RI.3.2, RI.3.3, RI.3.4, RI.3.5, RI.3.6, RI.3.7, RI.3.8, RI.3.9,
Fourth Grade Common Standards Addressed
RI.4.1, RI.4.2, RI.4.3, RI.4.4, RI.4.5, RI.4.6, RI.4.7, RI.4.8, RI.4.9,
And more up to 5th Grade
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