FREEBIE Bats Closed Reading Leveled Passages w/ Worksheet Activities PDFs &/Or Google Slides™


65+ Pages and Answer Key
THIS FREEBIE IS A SAMPLE OF OUR 5 STAR OCTOBER CLOSE READING UNIT 20 Leveled Passages with activities. Digital Resource: Google Slides™ & PDF Ready!

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Share with other 247 Teachers

65+ Pages and Answer Key
THIS FREEBIE IS A SAMPLE OF OUR 5 STAR OCTOBER CLOSE READING UNIT 20 Leveled Passages with activities. Digital Resource: Google Slides™ & PDF Ready!
This FREEBIE has a full week of activities along with differentiated reading. The passage is written at four levels that range from high first to mid fifth grade. This gift to you can be used for standards based grading, weekly homework, guided reading, or quick formative assessments. It is a small sample of a much larger unit that I created for the month of October.
• • Informative, Relevant, Engaging, and Meaningful Reading! • •
• • • • Below you will find the description for the full unit. • • • •
It is your one stop source for October reading! Inside are 20 October themed information text passages written at FOUR different levels. Use for Close Reading and/or week-long homework!

*** 3 pages of questions per passage (4-6 questions on each page)
* 1st Question Page: Key Ideas and Details (Addresses RI.1, RI.2, RI.3)
* 2nd Question Page: Craft and Structure (Addresses RI.4, RI.5, RI.6)
* 3rd Question Page: Integration of Knowledge and Ideas (Addresses RI.7, RI.8)
—- (Vocabulary is delicately selected to ensure appropriate text evidence support.)
*** Full Answer Key for ALL three question pages.
Save Ink! One page is used for each of the three question pages.
New to this unit! Included with the answer key!
Teacher discussion page with questions!
Provided for those who are not using all of the student question sheets.
*** 2 Graphic Organizers per passage for Key Ideas and Details
—- (One page for paragraph focus! Ensure students get the gist.)
—- (One “Fill-In” Fun poster graphic organizer per passage.
Simple fact questions. Aligned to RI.1 Ensure students get the gist.
Use to decorate bulletin boards or hallways.)
*** 2 Writing pieces per passage.
—- For opinions/ text evidence/ personal connections!
*** Three Day Close Reading General Outline
(Ideas for a 4th or 5th day are also provided)
*** Three Text Coding Posters. One for each Common Core Category!
>>>>> Two or more graphic organizers for all five text structures:
—– Sequence, Cause & Effect, Compare & Contrast, Descriptive, Problem & Solution.
>>>>> Over 20 additional Common Core Informational Text Graphic Organizers.
—— Each is labeled with the standard.
>>>>> Three Generic Comprehension Sheets Free of Common Core Standards.
—– Provided for anyone who are not using CCSS.
>>>>> Weekly Homework Assignment Sheets
—– There are five different assignment options
—– Two versions: With or Without Adult Initials
—– One blank template for each version. Twelve pages total.

“Close Reading” can happen with read-alouds. 🙂
Common Core Standards are listed in the answer key and next to each question so you are sure which standards are being addressed.
Second Grade Common Standards Addressed
RI.2.1, RI.2.2, RI.2.3, RI.2.4, RI.2.5, RI.2.6, RI.2.7, RI.2.8, RI.2.9, RI.2.10
Third Grade Common Standards Addressed
RI.3.1, RI.3.2, RI.3.3, RI.3.4, RI.3.5, RI.3.6, RI.3.7, RI.3.8, RI.3.9, RI.3.10
Fourth Grade Common Standards Addressed
RI.4.1, RI.4.2, RI.4.3, RI.4.4, RI.4.5, RI.4.6, RI.4.7, RI.4.8, RI.4.9, RI.4.10

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