4th Grade Interactive Reading Toolkit Notebook Common Core 100% Aligned PDF 247 Teacher

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PDF Download 150+ Pages. Thousands Sold! Celebrate Close Reading with this unit! Inside you will find text based question cards, bookmarks, text coding supports, posters, graphic organizers, discussion tools and lesson plan templates. Each of the above are aligned to Literature and Informational Text Common Core State Standard.

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Share with other 247 Teachers

PDF Download 150+ Pages. Thousands Sold! You have full permission to digitalize or convert any platform. It’s yours!
All anchor charts, flip-up, and flap-

    book are composition notebook ready.
    The tools presented in this notebook cover the following skills.
    – RL.4.1 Making Inferences (Anchor Chart and Flap-book)
    – RL.4.2 Themes (Anchor Chart and Flapbook) Summary (Checklist & Anchor Chart)
    – RL.4.3 Characterization with specific differentiation for feelings and traits. Character, Setting, and Plot (5 notebook ready posters)
    – RL.4.4 Using context clues anchor chart. Words and phrases anchor chart. 2 Idiom foldables and 1 envelope template with words and phrases that allude to mythological characters.
    – RL.4.5 Refer to prose, dramas and poems (anchor chart and flip-ups for each prose, poem, & drama)
    – RL.4.6 Point of view (anchor chart and foldable)
    – RL.4.7 Text and drama visuals (3 anchor charts to differentiate text and drama)
    – RL.4.9 Compare and contrast themes (2 anchor charts and 1 quest elements)
    – RL.4.10 Synthesize anchor chart, monitor comprehension anchor chart, texts in your pocket interactive & ongoing collection act, and recording tools for prose, drama, and poems.
    Informational Text
    – RI.4.1 Make Inferences (Anchor Chart and Foldable)
    – RI.4.2 Main Idea and details to focus on citing evidence to prove the main idea using details to include stated and implied main ideas also with factual and sensory details. (2 Anchor charts and 2 foldables)
    – RI.4.3 Focus on types of texts to include historical, scientific and technical (1 anchor chart and 2 foldables)
    – RI.4.4 Words and phrases to include context clues, dictionary and strategies. (1 anchor chart and 1 prefix and suffix informational text based puzzle paste)
    – RI.4.5 Text structure: cause and effect, time/sequence/chronological order, comparison, problem and solution, and descriptive (2 anchor charts and flap books for each structure)
    – RI.4.6 Point of view anchor chart demonstrating differentiation between firsthand and second hand- primary and secondary sources and flap books for each.
    – RI.4.7 Interpretations anchor chart and informational text features flaps.
    – RI.4.8 Author’s Point anchor and reasons/points/evidence inserts.
    – RI.4.9 Combine Information from 2 texts anchor and puzzle pastes.
    – RI.4.10 Informational Text comprehension
    Foundational Skills
    – RF.4.3 Six syllable types anchor, word endings anchor, multi syllable words.
    – RF.4.3a Latin suffixes Note: Verbiage is derived from Appendix A of the CCSS.
    – RF.4.3 optional irregular spelling pattern
    – RF.3.3d Irregular spelled words
    – RF.4.4a Purpose and understanding with a focus on text connections
    – RF.4.4b Fluency
    – RF.4.4c Confirmation check
    The tools presented in this product will serve as useful for your current interactive note-booking system. While this product has an abundance of supplies it is not a “one-stop” shop as we all have extra goodies that are our own to insert into our notebooks.
    Also take into consideration that the foldables and flap books can serve as standalone curriculum enhancers of common core.
    Also included: Tabs, Dividers and Table of Contents for each strand.

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